A Textbook of Social Sciences for Class 7 by D.N. Kundra

A Textbook of Social Sciences for Class 7 by D.N. Kundra
ISBN : 81-8389-088-1
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Class - 7 / Middle
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Social Sciences
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Rs. 125.00
Pages : 220
Part of Series :A Textbook of Social Sciences

Description :Our series ‘A Textbook of Social Sciences’ for Classes 6-8 is an attempt to provide to the learner the essential skills of comprehension that are fundamental to any activity and a means of self-understanding and fulfillment that aims towards challenges and excitement. Each book in this series has three units, Unit I — contains History, Unit II — contains Geography and Unit III — contains Social and Political Life. Special features of the series : l Time line. l Easy to understand style of writing. l Challenging project work. l Interesting narratives. l Did You Know? – Interesting facts which arouse curiosity to know more. l Well illustrated and labelled diagrams and maps. l Colourful pictures. l Case studies to assist the learner to comprehend topics with ease. l Questions and activities to foster application as well as knowledge-based skills. l Use of latest examples.